Don’t Overlook This Player When Talking About the New Orleans Saints


Published: September 23, 2009

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... got great speed, but he runs poor routes."

"Yeah, Devery's led the league two of the past three seasons in yards per catch, but he has too many drive-killing drops."

Yeah, but not anymore.

When Henderson became an unrestricted free agent this past spring, I thought he was long gone. In my mind, the Saints would not want to spend a lot of money for someone who had been no better than their third wide receiver, and Henderson's speed would make him a tempting commodity for any team that badly needed to upgrade their wide receiver corps.

Man, was I wrong.

Not only was Henderson one of the first free agents to re-sign with the Saints, but he did it to the tune of four years, $12 million.

Now I know that's not a whole lot in today's NFL, but it is for a guy who catches the ball twice a game.

Even tough he seemed to have improved upon his career-long concentration issues in 2008, Henderson's signing was one of those things that made me g...

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