Don’t Be So Harsh on The Seahawks’ Secondary


Published: April 27, 2009


... we criticize the Seahawks secondary?

I am here to hopefully break down to you why I believe our secondary was not as godawful as many of you have come to believe. By no means am I saying it was excellent, just not as horrible as many of you have made it out to be.

First of all, let's start out with the D-Line.

We were banged up as hell last year on both sides of the ball. First of all we lose Patrick Kerney early in the year when he was on pace to get roughly around 10 to 12 sacks, and many of us know he is probably the most consistent pass rusher on our team.

He just never stops going. Even if he does not get to the QB in time for the sack, he almost always makes sure he forces some kind of pressure, which can be the difference between a huge play, which many teams did all year to us, and an incomplete pass.

The Seahawks were unable to get any pressure whatsoever on any of the QBs in mid-season of last year. It started out well w...

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