Does Brandon Marshall Suffer from PMSS?


Published: July 20, 2009

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... so-called Franchise quarterback, to the firing of their long time Head Coach, Mike Shanahan. Now Brandon Marshall wants out of Denver.

It's what can only be described as PMSS, or Post-Mike Shanahan Syndrome.

Whether or not losing your head coach and starting quarterback warrants this attitude may be up for debate. My question however is, what ever happened to the days when players played just for the love of the game?

Now it seems as though money and stardom are all that matters. Marshall may be selfish, but he's no idiot. He realizes that without Cutler to throw him the ball, and Shanahan to call over 600 pass plays a year, his stats will take a hit.

This, in the long run, could cost the player some money. However, you could also say that showing your not a team player and that your only out to help yourself may cost him the green. If no one bites on the talk of Marshall asking out of Denver, he could be stuck there for the 2009-2010 s...

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