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Do the Cleveland Browns Faithful Have Much to Look Forward to?

Posted By NFLSportChannel On April 13, 2009 @ 2:01 am In News | No Comments

Fellow Browns Fans, it kills me to be sitting here deliberating in mid-April, do we have anything to look forward to? The answer thus far in the Mangini era is, no!

No we don't, and here is why. Now from a US Army Sergeant First Class from Northwest PA, my opinion may not mean a whole lot. Also as a die hard Penn State Fan, I do not buy into the fact that all players form Ohio or OSU are future Hall of Famers.

Now OSU has a great program; this I am not here to debate. But as for our beloved Brownies, this is completely unbiased.

Lets start with our off season. We trade K2. A player that has always produced when on the field. Now did I and most Browns fans hate some of his antics? Yes, yes we did.

But, can anyone say that he did not give 100 percent every game he played. Well I am betting no one would take that bet. We got a second round this year and a fifth next year.

The Bucs got a Pro Bowl TE. With the Bucs picking up K2 and now Pittsburgh back up Leftwich, and all of their other moves, the Bucs are showing the NFL and its fans that they want it now.

K2 has proven to all of us that he is the only person on our roster that Pittsburgh does not have an answer for. I would have said Cribbs also, but if you watched the 2008 season, well...the Steelers nipped him in the bud.

Now if we can, let;s look at our coach. Mangenius, has brought in a bunch of washed up, has been, and never will be nobody's. Unless you go to clevelandbrowns.com and look at the current roster can anyone name anybody we have picked up from the Jets in free agency worth mentioning?

I can't! Here is my take... If they were not good enough to start with the Jets, then why do we want them? Please do not give me the excuse of depth or they know Mangini's scheme.

Because Ricky Bobby of "Talladega Nights" said it best... If you're not first, your last! We need impact players NOW! Not another rebuilding stage. We have been rebuilding since 1999. We want a winner now, not tomorrow!

Our QB controversy. Why is there one. If I can point out one good thing about Mangini, is that he has not gone into this job with a preconceived starting QB.

I like that. No QB on our roster has proven they are the that guy. Being a starter is earned, not a given or a fan favorite!

Lets look at Anderson. Now I kinda like him. He throws a beautiful deep ball. Now he needs work on the short- to mid-range passes, but he is not afraid to make a mistake.

If he chucks the pigskin 40+ yards down field and it gets picked, he will throw another 40+ ball down field to make a play.

Now he needs to work on screens and 10-yard slants, but with time hopefully he fixes that. Oh, and he did make the Pro Bowl.

Now Quinn.... After reading numerous articles on the poster boy, here is my take. Brady last year had an opportunity to start. He played well against a Denver team that had no, and I mean no defense.

Hell, Notre Dame's squad this year could have put 20 points up on that defense. Oh, and Brady although played well and did not win. Then Buffalo. Yes he won, but played poorly.

Take away Harrison's 70+ yard run and Dawson's 56 yard field goal. Well we are 3-13 instead of 4-12. Sorry Brady, not impressive.

Then I was at the Houston game. Crennel did not bench Quinn after he threw his second pick of the game in the end zone.

Oh yeah, if it's a TD we tie the game, but he walks over to Crennel shaking his hand. As if to say take me out Coach. Sorry but that is just an excuse for his poor play and numerous misreads.

Not to get off the beaten path, but I need to continue about Quinn. Why does Cleveland think he is the Messiah, or has even earned a chance.

Yes, he has been a good boy and kept his mouth shut and not started issues within the locker room. But hell, either would I if I was making his loot. He is the only backup QB ever in the NFL to have his own commercial.

You think the NFL loves him? Now Ohio residents. If he loved Ohio, so much and grew up in Ohio...Then why did he not play for your OSU Buckeyes? Not good enough.

Let's look at his Notre Dame career. Now I am not hating, just stating facts. No top 10 wins. No Bowl wins. Beat teams like Army, Navy and Air Force.

He and Notre Dame were not beating teams like PSU, OSU, or Michigan on a regular basis. But hey, lets give him our franchise. Prove it Brady...Remember JaMarcus Russell was drafted ahead of you, and he is garbage, and he beat you in the Cotton Bowl.

Now there are rumors about trading Braylon. Not a good idea. He had a off-year to say the least. But one bad year does not begin to over shadow all of his great plays or seasons.

Braylon is a physical force. He is tall, fast, and strong. And up until last year, he had good hands.

But Braylon, if you are reading this.... Cleveland does not hate you because you went to Michigan. They hated you last year for leading the league in dropped passes, most of them in crucial times.

I just hope they wake up and re-sign JJ. Because with Stallworth ready to take over Vick's cell, we have no weapons if we trade Edwards. If Cleveland trades Edwards, well let's start looking ahead to 2010.

We need to draft toughness. Especially on defense. We need a pass rusher to compliment Rogers. Our linebackers are in need of a Ray Lewis caliber player and need more depth in the secondary.

Hey Brownies, not trying to be a pessimist, I am just a realist. And I really need something to root for.

And until I see a good signing or draft, most people who know about us, well then we are doomed. Please, God, give someone in the Browns Organization some common sense.

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