Detroit Lions Offensive Playbook: How to Beat The Bears


Published: October 1, 2009

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... inhabiting a Dreamworks movie. Ok, maybe I'm being a little harsh. On first glance, the Bears—missing their emotional leader, Brian Urlacher—are still statistically a top ten defense, statistically. Their competition hasn't exactly been a group of offensive powerhouses. Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Seattle are all dealing with their own offensive problems. Injuries are also piling up for the Bears. Linebackers, Urlacher, Briggs, Hillenmeyer and Tinoisamoa are all on the injury report for various reasons. Alex Brown (DE) and Tommie Harris (DT) are also dinged up. All of this leads to a heavy rotation in the front seven. Combine that with the nature of the Cover Two defense, and you get a team which has taken on a bend but don't break philosophy. The Bears are in the bottom of the league with only four takeaways on the season (Detroit is only one better with five). Are the Bears good defensively? Certainly. Are the Bears as good as Detroit Lions fans are used to them...

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