Despite Rumors of Mark Sanchez, QB WIll Not Be Broncos’ Draft Priority


Published: April 6, 2009

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... obtained five picks in the top 84 picks of this year's draft.

Numerous draft speculators, including's Shawn Zobel, have indicated that the wise choice by Denver would be to trade up into the top three picks and draft USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

I respectfully disagree.

Go ahead, post a mock draft on a blog like that features a trade of the 12th and 18th picks for the third overall pick, and see how badly you get crushed by Denver fans.  While this trade seems good for a message board nerd, it is in fact the dumbest of trades the Broncos could ever make.

Not only are you mortgaging both of your first round picks in exchange for an unknown commodity at quarterback, but you are forfeiting the opportunity to greatly improve the true Achille's heel of your team:  the defense.

We all know the saying, "Never say never", so I'll give Mark Sanchez to the Denver Broncos a one percent chance of actually happe...

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