Dallas Cowboys: Draft Grades Are the Real Mr. Irrelevant

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Published: April 27, 2009


... upcoming season, and the NFL draft is no exception.

However, there is one thing I must ask from the media and fans alike.

Please stop with the NFL Draft "grades."

Anyone "grading" how a team did immediately after the draft does not have football intelligence.  I'm sorry if this hurts your ego, but it's true.

There is absolutely no way to know how well your team did in the draft for at least a couple years—and sometimes more.  

I also do not believe in Mel Kiper or any of the TV pinheads, who are never held accountable for anything they say.  

I believe and trust in the guys that did the research, watched hundreds of hours of film, and are paid to do their job for an NFL team. 

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I'm sorry to say that there are just as many "draft gurus" cheering for America's team as any other. 

For those know-it-all's, you might want to ask yourself: "If I know so much, why am I not wor...

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