Dallas Cowboys’ Defense, Not Tony Romo, Should Worry Fans

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Published: September 28, 2009

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... emergence on the heels of a half-dozen years of horrendous quarterback play in Dallas ranks as one of the top three or four sports stories of my lifetime.

That loss to the Giants was one of the hardest I've ever had to stomach as a Cowboys fan. The amount of points and plays left on the field boggles the mind, let alone the two or three plays that appeared to be touched by the hand of the Almighty Himself.

As brutal as last week's loss was, I can't understand the level of backlash Romo has experienced leading up to this week's game. 

Did he play awful against the Giants? Absolutely.

Has any other quarterback gotten such a ridiculously negative reaction after a single bad game? Not in my recent memory.

(Side note: Romo only threw 2 interceptions in my book. I cannot consider that "Off Of Witten's Heel" play more than an incompletion, which is all he should have gotten for throwing that ball behind Witten. It doesn't seem so bad...

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