Could the Eagles’ Best Run Defense Be “Trot”-ting Beneath Their Nose?


Published: September 25, 2009

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... years ago, then the answer to my headline is "yes."

If you haven’t heard, apparently the Eagles brought Jeremiah Trotter in for a workout this week. Much like with Jon Runyan already this fall, it seems to be more of a case of “let’s see what you can do,” rather than “we need you on the roster right now."

But, hey, if Trotter can go, why not bring him back?

It’d be easy to question what Trotter has left. While he’s only 32—hardly old by NFL standards but ancient by Eagles’ ones—there must have been a reason he was released during the 2007 preseason.

And coming off a season in which he didn’t play at all (and one season removed from an unremarkable 2007 campaign in Tampa), it’s not like he’d be a “hot” signing, like, say, a Derrick Brooks.

But even if he’s not as good as he once was, Trotter brings dimensions that others might not...

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