Columnist Calls Favre ‘Diva-Like’


Published: July 16, 2009

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... commentator to venture into sports and use an effeminate phrase to describe a tough guy.

Yet that is exactly what David Brauer of did while writing about the's new Favre Web page on its Web site.

Both newspapers cover the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

"Even if you loathe the diva-like signal-caller, this is a big story right now and it only helps readers to aggregate their ongoing coverage somewhere," Brauer wrote.

In fairness, Brauer may be a big sports fan, or perhaps he isn't.

It doesn't matter because he is a media commentator, but how often do you have a non-sports writer calling a future Hall-of-Famer diva-like?

It's priceless, but so telling in Favre's case.

Both news organizations cover sports, but that is where today's Web sites' similarities end.

Favre-worshipping fans of any jersey, who expect a future Super Bowl, can only be generously described as suffering delusions of grandeur.


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