Colts Football 101 – Understanding Jeff Saturday and The Offensive Line


Published: July 12, 2009

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... has touched has turned to gold, and is better off when he leaves than when he got there?

He understands that to build a great team, you need to start from the inside out—this means you build a great offensive and defensive line first. If you don’t have a good offensive and defensive line, then I don’t care who your QB and WRs are; you’re not going to win too many games. 

There are four reasons the Colts have been so consistently successful on offense since Manning was drafted: Howard Mudd, the offensive line, Tom Moore, and Peyton Manning.

Still not convinced about the importance of the offensive line?  Go watch the Giants/Patriots Super Bowl. The Patriots’ poor offensive line play made Tom Brady look just ordinary.

So let’s get started with the offensive line by going over each position:

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