Cardinals at Jaguars: A Must Win Game for the Big Red?


Published: September 20, 2009

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... times late last Sunday. In locker rooms and on postgame radio talk-shows all across the fruited plains, the number "15" kept popping up.

Not so coincidental, it generally comes from locker rooms on the losing end of the scoreboard in their season opener. It especially happens in locker rooms that a favored team going into the game, comes up short.

"There are still 15 more to play."

And for many teams, this is true. Okay, technically speaking, for all teams that's true, since they haven't started getting byes. But for some teams, it's more true than for others.

Yes, as I type, the Cardinals have 15 games to play. One loss is no big deal. I mean, were you expecting an unbeaten season? They're going to lose some games, right?

So, running with that theory, the Cardinals are in no worse shape than...oh, 15 other NFL teams at this point.  

But as noted, for many teams, this theory is more true than it is for others. An...

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