Brett Favre Could Be The Key To a New Vikings Stadium In Minnesota


Published: September 23, 2009

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... on-again-off-again "retirement" talk. Its good for ratings and fodder, so who could blame you. You're only doing your jobs as the national sports hype machine.

And Brett Favre, we know how you crave the spotlight. We know how you can't shake the itch to play, rather to just walk away when critics from all over the nation want to prove you wrong.

We assume there must not be a whole lot waiting for you in Kiln, Mississippi, after all, there is only so much land that can be plowed each year.

This, along with your fiercely competitive nature, one to which I cannot compare in recent memory concluded with the not-so-obvious confederation of you offering your services to your once No. 1 rival, the Minnesota Vikings who clearly wanted you when the Green Bay Packers did not.

Thank you for not only coming to the team, but also for giving it a shot no matter what the outcome. I know you'd have never forgave yourself if you didn't try knowing you were that close...

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