Breaking the (m)Old: A Quick Glance at Oakland’s Young Underrated Receivers


Published: July 18, 2009

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... receiver's group. That's not to say that he needs to catch a ton of balls for them to be successful, that is to say that he must lend them some of his knowledge he has obtained over his seven going on eight years in the league. Javon, believe it or not, was once the favorite target of a future hall of fame QB, Brett Favre. Javon has been to the top and been considered one of the the best wide receivers in the league. He knows what it takes, and he says that he will help develop these youngster's alongside rookie receivers' coach Sanjay Lal. The problem with this theory is that he certainly doesn't want to be replaced by the young up and comers. He doesn't want to not play football, in fact, depending on who you ask he could be on the verge of being elite again. According to, Javon puts it like this, "Well, you know, seeing from the procedure that I just had, seeing the first thing that they told me was, 'You have a real high tolerance for pain.' And I said, 'Ye...

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