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Breaking News: Cutler on the Block

Posted By NFLSportChannel On March 31, 2009 @ 9:52 pm In News | No Comments

Potentially bad news for Jay Cutler’s dynasty league owners: The Broncos have now officially placed the disgruntled quarterback on the market.

Denver Broncos President and CEO Pat Bowlen released a statement [1] today stating that all attempts to contact Cutler within the last week-and-a-half have been unsuccessful and that the team would look into the possibility of trading Cutler.

Cutler’s agent, meanwhile, made it clear to Bowlen and new Broncos’ head coach Josh McDaniels that Cutler no longer desires to play in Denver.

I think we all saw this coming, especially with McDaniels’ recent antics and all the build-up prior to that. The water has boiled over and the best solution for both teams, at this point, appears to be a divorce.

So, where does Cutler land? That is the question all of his fantasy owners want answered as soon as possible, because his value is in fantasy limbo as we speak.

Some fun possibilities: New York Jets, Tampa Bay and Detroit.

All three are in desperate need of a quarterback. If the Jets or Bucs get him, either team could be penciled in for the playoffs next year. If he lands in Detroit, 30+ touchdowns—with 15 of them going to Calvin Johnson—are not outside the realm of possibility.

Neither are 20+ turnovers, though.

A sleeper: Minnesota. Sure they acquired Sage Rosenfels early in the free agency period, but does anyone really think he is the answer?

Cutler and Purple Jesus would make a nice one-two punch for fantasy owners, and the confines of a dome for at least eight games out of the year would certainly inflate Cutler’s numbers.


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