‘Brady Rule’ or ‘BABY Rule’?

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Published: March 25, 2009


... in the knee area or below.

The clarification…in effect a new rule…prohibits a defender on the ground, who hasn’t been blocked or fouled directly into the quarterback, from lunging or diving at the quarterback’s lower legs.

Due to the injury suffered by Tom Brady last season, the rule is being referred to unofficially as the ‘Brady Rule’.

I think it sucks!

I’m more than a tad old-school when it comes to bodies colliding on a football field, old school as in Pre-Atilla The Hun. To me, it’s just one more step by the NFL to completely pu…uhh…”vagina-fy” the game.

Defenders already can’t hit a QB in the head...even with their pinkies. They also can’t hit a QB after he throws the ball, which always bothered me as I wonder why QB’s aren’t considered regular football players, ya know?

Now defenders can’t touch a QB’s legs while on the ...

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