Bleacher Report: Do Away With Team/division Rankings


Published: July 21, 2009

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... article with my reasons for leaving, my article Writer or Fan, which got great reviews and more.

Now I have decided to voice my opinion yet again on a Bleacher report related topic only. The topic of the Bleacher Report team/division/league/sport/city rankings and that they need to be done away with for many reason.

This is a topic that has been eating away at me and now I have had enough with it.

Now there are many reasons why I feel that they should be done away with and I'm going to list those reasons.

One, Bleacher Report as I understand it is a sports reporting site that has tons of talented writers, some that are arrogant and some that just comment but either way they contribute to B/R for good or bad.

As I recall I don't see that ESPN has writer rankings for their writers or that they say "I am the No. 1 Seattle Seahawks, Boston Red Sox etc writer"  and B/R puts out probably 3-4 times the articles that ESPN does....

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