Black and Gold Xs and Os: Offensive Gameplan vs. the Joker, Err…the Jets


Published: October 1, 2009

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... lethal. They are coordinated by their head coach, Rex Ryan. And they are a reflection of their head coach—confident, brash, and down right good.

They like to throw the kitchen sink at you and when they've done that, then they blow up the house.

I once heard a college offensive coordinator talk about Nick Saban's defenses on third down as being impossible to figure out because you literally never get the same look.

The same is true of Ryan's defenses. There is no pattern, no rhyme or reason. If Heath Ledger were alive he'd probably play Rex Ryan in a movie. Or maybe Rex Ryan's goal is to be confused with the joker. Whatever the case is, he has no doubt struck fear into the hearts of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints offense.

It is not pointless, but it is difficult to describe the Jets defensive scheme. But I can tell you very eloquently about some of the players performing that scheme.

Jets Defensive Personnel

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