AFC East Article About Peyton Manning (Humor)


Published: April 11, 2009

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... title="second Josh Deemers article">Josh Deemers

This article is on how the AFC East quarterbacks suck compared to the Great Peyton Manning.  Obviously you are all jealous of the MVP Peyton Manning. 

He is not playing for the Dolphins.

He is not playing for the Jets.

He is not playing for the Bills.

Patriot fans secretly wish he was playing for the Patriots.

The only thing that will make him better is to denigrate Tom Brady.  While I'm at it let me say the rest of the quarterbacks in the AFC East are not as good as Peyton Manning.

Chad Pennington?  Yeah, right.

Trent Edwards?  Pahleeze.  I had to look up his name.  If he was any good, I'd know his name.

Jets quarterback?  At least the Bills had one.

Tom Brady?  See any of my hundreds of AFC East articles where I prove conclusively that he is inferior to Peyton in every way.

This is humor.  This i...

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