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Cardinals Lower Asking Price for Anquan Boldin

Published: April 24, 2009

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ESPN has reported today that the Arizona Cardinals have lowered their asking price for Anquan Boldin to a second rounder and “other considerations.”

Please tell me I’m not dreaming.

The Eagles, along with the Gaymen—excuse me, G-men—and the Jets, have all shown interest upon hearing this news.

This would be a steal for any team. In fact, I’m surprised most teams are not offering a second rounder for an established veteran. Boldin is in his prime, yet he still has his best years to come. 

Boldin is an ideal receiver for the Eagles. He will be able to adapt to a West Coast offense because he has size, and he is able to pick up yards after the catch. He would solve our red zone troubles while opening up the vertical passing game for Desean Jackson and Kevin Curtis.

McNabb would then be surrounded by talent. First of all, he gets to throw behind our mammoth-sized offensive line. He has Westbrook (and potentially Moreno) to take pressure off of him, Desean Jackson is a rising star, and Kevin Curtis would kill defenders in the slot. The continuing growth of Brent Celek is also a nice touch.

So, why haven’t the Eagles pulled the move yet?

There is another reason why we need Boldin: The Giants are in desperate need of a WR and will pursue any talent at that position. We have all witnessed what Burress did to our defense, and Boldin would do the same thing. Would you like to go up against Boldin twice a year? No.

Even though I would love this move, I do not think Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid are willing to pull this off. Trading for one superstar is huge, but two? Who knows? After all, we did it in 2004, when we went out and got Jevon Kearse and Terrell Owens in the same year.

I can assure that if the Eagles make this move, we will be the most feared team in the NFL.