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Week 16: Start’em Sit’em | NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Published: December 22, 2009

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Get ready as fantasy football super bowls kick off this weekend. It looks like the Colts will probably keep their healthy starters in this week so start your players as you normally would from that team.

Since this is December, fantasy owners need to keep a close eye on the weather for this weekend and make sure you have backups in good weather if needed.

Below we have our top border line players at different positions that are worth starting and worth sitting for the 16th week of the NFL fantasy football season. Good luck if your are in your fantasy football super bowl this week.



  • Peyton Manning vs Jets (still playing healthy starters)
  • Ben Roethlisberger vs Ravens (will continue to throw)
  • Kurt Warner vs Rams
  • Joe Flacco @ Steelers (sneaky lay)

Running Backs

  • Jerome Harrison vs Raiders
  • Beanie Wells vs Rams
  • Jonathan Stewart @ Giants (Williams probably out)
  • Justin Forsett @ Packers (decent flex if Jones is out)
  • Michael Bush @ Browns

Wide Receivers

  • Steve Smith (Car) @ Giants (he’s on fire!)
  • Mike Sims-Walker @ Patriots (bounce back after last week)
  • Derrick Mason @ Steelers
  • Antonio Bryant @ Saints

Tight Ends

  • Start As You Normally Would


  • Start As You Normally Would

Defense/ ST

  • 49ers vs Lions
  • Cardinals vs Rams
  • Packers vs Seahawks



  • Brett Favre @ Bears (is old age catching up?)
  • Alex Smith vs Lions (not doing enough)
  • Carson Palmer vs Chiefs (should be run heavy)

Running Backs

  • Chris Jennings vs Raiders (Harrison’s show)
  • Michael Turner vs Bills (can’t stay healthy)
  • Matt Forte vs Vikings (disappointment of the year?)
  • Maurice Morris @ 49ers

Wide Receivers

  • Pierre Garcon vs Jets
  • Bernard Berrian @ Bears

Tight Ends

  • Bench As You Normally Would


  • Bench As You Normally Would

Defenses/ ST

  • Jets @ Colts
  • Ravens @ Steelers
  • Titans vs Chargers
  • Chargers @ Titans

NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings writer Sean E. Douglas:

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Start ‘Em: Chris “Beanie” Wells Is Ready | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: December 17, 2009

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Ever since the Arizona Cardinals drafted running back Chris “Beanie” Wells, fantasy football players have waited for him to break out.

In all this time, we’ve all known that sooner or later this stud was going to take over the starting job from Tim Hightower, but no one could say exactly when.

Now, it appears that Wells is ready to help fantasy owners as a top-end No.2 fantasy running back after his strong performance against the 49ers.

In that contest Hightower fumbled early, and head coach Ken Whisenhunt gave Wells the feature role for the rest of the game.

Wells responded with 103 total yards and a critical touchdown run that put the Cardinals back in the game. Not only did Wells produce solid stats, but he showed the burst of speed that has been missing from the Cardinals’ backfield since I don’t know when.

A Chance to Shine

Assuming the Cardinals continue to feed the ball to Wells (get him ready for the postseason), he will have an amazing opportunity to help produce strong numbers for fantasy football owners in the next two weeks.

This week Wells gets to play the Lions, and next week he will face off against the Rams in Arizona.

The two main things I want to see from Wells (other than holding on to the football) is for one, he will need at least 18 carries to be a strong producer in each game. Secondly, he needs to find the end zone like he was able to do last week.

I believe Wells can and will accomplish these objectives because he is playing at a high level coming out of the 49er game, and the Cardinals need this runner to be a factor in the playoffs.

Beyond being a factor, it would also help this team for their opponents to have something extra to fear from this offense than just their great passing game. If Wells has a strong ending to the season, then playoff opponents will be forced to game plan and respect what this team can do on the ground.

That respect can only help ensure the Cardinals’ success when the games start counting in the playoffs.

Chris “Beanie” Wells’ Fantasy Football Ranking

Beanie Wells is a must start fantasy football option in the next two weeks. This kid is at least a great flex play option if not a solid No. 2 running back. Wells is playing his best football (Hightower his worst) coming into these next two all-important games for fantasy owners.

Many fantasy football leagues end their playoffs in week 16, so this gives you two great games at the very end of your fantasy run.

Start Wells and you should enjoy some solid fantasy production from this future fantasy football stud.

NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings writer Sean E. Douglas:

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Start’Em: Justin Forsett a Waiver Wire Gem | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: November 19, 2009

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The time has come for the Seattle Seahawks to start their best running back. Finally, Justin Forsett will be given an opportunity to produce as the starter and help fantasy football squads.

This opportunity has come about because of an unfortunate injury to Julius Jones last week against the Cardinals . In that game Jones injured his rib and went to the hospital with bleeding in his lung.

Forsett took over as the starter and went on to rush the football 17 times for 123 yards rushing and a touchdown. This production was excellent, especially when you consider that Cardinals were the third best team against the run coming into that game.

Beyond Forsett’s solid rushing totals, he is also very good out of the backfield, as he’s totaled five receptions in each of his last two contests.

Justin Forsett Equals Steve Slaton?

Forsett’s skill set is very comparable to the way Steve Slaton played a season ago. When Slaton was on top of his game a year ago, he was one of the top 10 fantasy football running backs in the league.

Forsett may not be that good, but I fully believe he can be a top 20 fantasy back in the future. All he needs is an opportunity to show that he can handle the load and prove he can physically hold up to the challenge.

Fantasy Football Strategy

If Forsett is still a waiver wire option in your fantasy football league, then I suggest you nab him right now. This kid is an instant flex play option for this week, even if the Seahawks are playing the Vikings .

Minnesota’s run defense is still solid this season (ninth in the league), but they are having problems dealing with runners that can get out on the edge. This is the reason why Ray Rice was able to gash this defense a few weeks back.

Not only has Rice had success against this defense, but Rashard Mendenhall and Kevin Smith have found success as well.

Forsett probably won’t go over 100 yards rushing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has over 100 total yards from scrimmage.

Next week Forsett has a great matchup against the Rams and is a no-brainer start.

Reports out of Seattle are saying that Jones may be ready for that game, but with his lung issue, that is wishful thinking right now.

If Forsett has success in the next two weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jones comes back and finds out that he’s lost his starting job—reason being that Forsett is a better running back than Jones at this point in his career.

NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings writer Sean E. Douglas:

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Gaines Adams Traded to Bears for Draft Pick | Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: October 16, 2009

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The Buccaneers have officially traded one of their top young talents on defense to the Chicago Bears . Defensive end Gaines Adams was the fourth overall pick by the Buccaneers in 2007, and he was traded away for a second round pick in next year’s draft.

On the bright side for Tamp Bay they did eat up 15 million in cap space by making the move. With economic times being what they are I guess the Buc’s are cutting their losses after a horrible beginning to the season.

Solid Deal for the Bears

In recent weeks Tampa Bay had been complaining about Gaines not getting the job done, and decided to cut bait.

In my opinion, Gaines poor production was more because of the talent around him and new coordinator Jim Bates is washed up as a defensive coach. Last season, Bates struggled to get the job done with a talented defense in Green Bay and this year his defense is getting killed.

Nevertheless, in Tampa Bay (as most loser do) they fail to see the system problems and focus on star players not getting the job done.

Just this past week we saw Braylon Edwards perform much better in a Jet uniform than his old Browns’ uniform.

Now, I believe we will see Adams perform well in a Bear uniform as apposed to his old Buccaneers uniform.

In the end, this was a solid deal for the Bears as they get a talented player at age 26 that is under contract until 2012.

Fantasy Football Rankings for the Bears and Buccaneers Defenses

The Buccaneers have been horrible against the pass, and they will struggle even more without one of their top pass rushers. Look for receivers to continue to pound out the production against the sorry group.

As for the Bears, Gaines should only help a quality defense be that much more productive.

This is a win for all fantasy football owners with the Chicago Bears defense on their fantasy teams.

NFL Fantasy Football Information writer Sean E. Douglas:

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NFL Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups: Week Five

Published: October 7, 2009

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Last week we talked about Rashard Mendenhall being a hot waiver pickup because Willie Parker would be out with turf toe. If you happened to pick him up and start him, you enjoyed a fabulous day from the second-year running back.

This week marks the second bye week for the NFL season, and if you have players on the Bears, Packers, Saints, or Chargers they won’t be playing. No doubt fantasy football owners will be hurting as top-end quarterbacks on those teams are off this weekend.

Below we have the top players you might want to pay attention to who are likely available for waiver pickups. Even if you don’t select a waiver (or have already done so) it’s good to keep these names in mind for the future weeks.


Jaguars- David Garrard- Bye Week: Seven

David Garrard had a fabulous day against the Titans, and he now has a budding fantasy star receiver in Mike Sims-Walker. Look for Garrard to continue his solid play as the Jaguars get set for a clash with the Seahawks’ secondary.

Last week Peyton Manning picked this secondary apart, and I expect Garrard to have a successful day as well.

Redskins- Jason Campbell- Bye Week: Eight

Excuse me one second……

Now that I’m done throwing up from the thought of suggesting this player to you, we can move on.

Jason Campbell actually had a good fantasy game two weeks ago against the Lions. Not only that but his connection with Santana Moss is one of the hottest going in all of football.

This week the Redskins go down to Carolina and face off against the Panthers‘ shaky defense. If you need a starter in a pinch then you might want to pick up Campbell and give him a one week try.


Running Backs

Steelers- Rashard Mendenhall- Bye Week: Eight

I know many of you probably didn’t pay much attention to our recommendation of Mendenhall a week ago. This is understandable since he was benched the week before. If for some reason Mendenhall is still available in your league, I would pick him up right away.

The situation between Mendenhall and Parker reminds me of Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush a season ago.

You could see that what the team needed is what a guy like Mendenhall or Thomas has to offer. They run hard between the tackles and have explosion through the hole.

Bush and Parker, on the other hand, can’t stay healthy and are not effective full-time runners.

Mendenhall should put up strong numbers again this week against the Lions as he will get the bulk of the work.

Browns- Jerome Harrison- Bye Week: Nine

Jerome Harrison should be the starting tailback in Cleveland for the rest of the year. Jamal Lewis is washed up and rookie James Davis is on injured reserve.

Last week Harrison had over 150 total yards from scrimmage and makes for a good starter this week against the Bills.

Wide Receivers

Browns- Mohamed Massaquoi- Bye Week: Nine

Rookie Mohamaed Massaquoi had himself a great game last week with eight receptions for 148 yards against the Bengals. This week Braylon Edwards may be disciplined by the league because he allegedly punched a man at a night club on Monday morning.

If Edwards is suspended then Massaquoi will continue to be the top dog in Cleveland this week.

Tight Ends

Packers- Jermichael Finley- Bye Week: Five

The Packers are on a bye week this week but Jermichael Finley is clearly a tight end that is coming on in fantasy football. On Monday night, he had a fabulous day against the Vikings with six catches for 128 yards and a very nice touchdown.

Green Bay is having protection problems on the offensive line and Aaron Rodgers is looking towards his tight ends more often. If you can stash Finley away this week or even pick him up next week he is a good bet for points.

Panthers- Daunte Rosario- Bye Week: Four

Click here to see our write-up last week on Daunte Rosario: Week Four Waivers



Jaguars- Josh Scobee- Bye Week: Seven

The Jaguars are playing some solid football and Josh Scobee has been a solid kicker for fantasy this year. Look for Scobee to continue his solid play this week against the Seahawks.

Defense / Special Teams

Dolphins- Miami Dolphins- Bye Week: Six

The Dolphins’ defense had a very solid game last week against the Bills. This week the Jets come to town with rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was exposed by the Saints a week ago.

Look for the Dolphins to play another spirited game against the Jets this week in Miami.

NFL Fantasy Football Information writer Sean E. Douglas:

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2009 NFL Fantasy Week Four Rankings PPR and Standard Leagues

Published: October 1, 2009

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After this week, we will already be a quarter of the way finished with the fantasy football season.

With that being said, there’s still plenty of time for fantasy football owners to salvage the season if you’ve started off slow.

Week Four is the first week that fantasy owners will start losing players because of teams being on their respective bye weeks. With this in mind, it is always good to find strong waiver pickups to strengthen your bench.

If you are able to get production from fantasy players outside of your normal starters, then your chances of making the playoffs are much higher.

This week, we have our weekly section on Wounded Warriors, as well as our top rankings for position players.

We have the top 16 ranked QB, TE, K and D/ST.

We also have the top 30 RBs and top 40 WRs, as well.

Every week, we will start off with our Wounded Warriors’ section. These are the key players who are on the injury report that you need to pay attention to before games begin.

Wounded Warriors

Frank Gore vs. Rams—Frank Gore will be out for the next two games against the Rams and the Falcons with an ankle injury. Look for rookie Glen Coffee to get the feature back duties as Gore is out of action.

Matt Forte vs. Lions—A fellow teammate of Matt Forte’s admitted that he doesn’t believe Forte is running at 100 percent. He dinged up his knee in Week Three, and may also still be slowed from his hamstring injury from June.

Hopefully, Forte can play and produce this week against the Lions’ poor defense. Week Five, the Bears are on a bye week and that should help Forte get some rest.

Felix Jones/Marion Barber @ Broncos—The Cowboys will be without Felix Jones until at least mid-October because of a knee injury he suffered on Monday night.

If Marion Barber can play at all, I’m sure Dallas will put him back in the lineup as they are down to only Tashard Choice in the backfield.

Look for Choice to be a nice flex play this week, even if Barber does come back to action.

Willie Parker vs. Chargers—The Steelers top running back Willie Parker suffered a turf toe injury last week against the Bengals. While the Steelers maintain that Parker can still play this week, he would be best served to wait a few games.

Turf toe can linger for a very long time if it does not heal right and this makes Rashard Mendenhall a sneaky play for Week Four.

Kevin Smith @ Bears—Unfortunately for the Lions and fantasy owners, Kevin Smith has both a shoulder and knee injury. The Lions were working out different running backs today and will probably sign someone in a day or so.

Look for Smith to be out for a couple of weeks as the team will lean on Maurice Morris and a committee of backs to run with. The Lions face the Bears, Steelers, and Packers in the next three weeks. Unless you’re desperate, I would not suggest you pick Morris up.

Dwayne Bowe vs. Giants—The Chiefs are not confident that their star receiver Dwayne Bowe will play this week. Unfortunately, they need Bowe on the field every week as he’s the one star they have.

Look for the Chiefs’ passing attack to struggle as long as he is out.


  • Peyton Manning vs. Seahawks
  • Aaron Rodgers @ Vikings
  • Jay Cutler vs. Lions
  • Carson Palmer vs. Browns
  • Drew Brees vs. Jets
  • Tom Brady vs. Ravens
  • Philip Rivers @ Steelers
  • Matt Schaub vs. Raiders
  • Ben Roethlisberger vs. Chargers
  • Eli Manning @ Chiefs
  • Joe Flacco @ Patriots
  • Tony Romo @ Broncos
  • Shaun Hill vs. Rams
  • David Garrard vs. Titans
  • Trent Edwards @ Dolphins
  • Mark Sanchez @ Saints

Running Backs

  • Adrian Peterson vs. Packers
  • Steve Slaton vs. Raiders
  • Matt Forte vs. Lions
  • Chris Johnson @ Jaguars
  • Cedric Benson @ Browns
  • Ronnie Brown vs. Bills
  • Brandon Jacobs @ Chiefs
  • Steven Jackson @ 49ers
  • Julius Jones @ Colts
  • Darren McFadden @ Texans
  • Glen Coffee vs. Rams
  • Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Titans
  • Joseph Addai vs. Seahawks
  • Ryan Grant @ Vikings
  • Tashard Choice @ Broncos (Move up if Barber is out)
  • Thomas Jones @ Saints
  • Pierre Thomas vs. Jets
  • Willis McGahee @ Patriots
  • Ray Rice @ Patriots
  • Larry Johnson vs. Giants
  • Jerome Harrison vs. Bengals
  • Rashard Mendenhall vs. Chargers (Move up if Parker is out)
  • Ahmad Bradshaw @ Chiefs
  • Donald Brown vs. Seahawks
  • Marion Barber @ Broncos (Check Injury Report)
  • Willie Parker vs. Chargers (Check Injury Report)
  • Darren Sproles @ Steelers
  • Clinton Portis vs. Buccaneers
  • Marshawn Lynch @ Dolphins
  • Fred Jackson @ Dolphins

Wide Receivers

  • Reggie Wayne vs. Seahawks
  • Andre Johnson vs. Raiders
  • Calvin Johnson @ Bears
  • Greg Jennings @ Vikings
  • Santonio Holmes vs. Chargers
  • Chad Ochocinco @ Browns
  • Terrell Owens @ Dolphins
  • Devin Hester vs. Lions
  • Donald Driver @ Vikings
  • Randy Moss vs. Ravens
  • Marques Colston vs. Jets
  • Jerricho Cotchery @ Saints
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ Colts
  • Mario Manningham @ Chiefs
  • Steve Smith (NY) @ Chiefs
  • Vincent Jackson @ Steelers
  • Santana Moss vs. Buccaneers
  • Ted Ginn Jr. vs. Bills
  • Brandon Marshall vs. Cowboys
  • Braylon Edwards vs. Bengals
  • Mike Sims-Walker vs. Titans
  • Hines Ward vs. Chargers
  • Roy Williams @ Broncos
  • Derrick Mason @ Patriots
  • Wes Welker vs. Ravens (Check Injury Report)
  • Mark Clayton @ Patriots
  • Laveranues Coles @ Browns
  • Lee Evans @ Dolphins
  • Justin Gage @ Jaguars
  • Nate Washington @ Jaguars
  • Torry Holt vs. Titans
  • Dwayne Bowe vs. Giants (Check Injury Report)
  • Pierre Garcon vs. Seahawks
  • Percy Harvin vs. Packers
  • Bernard Berrian vs. Packers
  • Bryant Johnson @ Bears
  • Earl Bennett vs. Lions
  • Davone Bess vs. Bills
  • Chris Chambers @ Steelers
  • Eddie Royal vs. Cowboys

Tight Ends

  • Dallas Clark vs. Seahawks
  • Owen Daniels vs. Raiders
  • Vernon Davis vs. Rams
  • Jason Witten @ Broncos
  • Greg Olsen vs. Lions
  • Antonio Gates @ Steelers
  • Dustin Keller @ Saints
  • Chris Cooley vs. Buccaneers
  • Jeremy Shockey vs. Jets
  • John Carlson @ Colts
  • Visanthe Shaincoe vs. Packers
  • Heath Miller vs. Chargers
  • Kellen Winslow @ Redskins
  • Zach Miller @ Texans
  • Todd Heap @ Patriots
  • Ben Watson vs. Ravens


  • Stephin Gostkowski vs. Ravens
  • Rob Bironas @ Jaguars
  • Nick Folk @ Broncos
  • Mason Crosby @ Vikings
  • Ryan Longwell vs. Packers
  • Josh Schobee vs. Titans
  • Kris Brown vs. Raiders
  • Robbie Gould vs. Lions
  • Sebastian Janikowski @ Texans
  • Adam Vinatieri vs. Seahawks
  • Steven Hauschka @ Patriots
  • Nate Kaeding @ Steelers
  • Josh Brown @ 49ers
  • Joe Nedney vs. Rams
  • John Carney vs. Jets
  • Lawrence Tynes vs. Chiefs

Defense / Special Teams

  • Giants @ Chiefs
  • 49ers vs. Rams
  • Bengals @ Browns
  • Colts vs. Seahawks
  • Bears vs. Lions
  • Ravens @ Patriots
  • Vikings vs. Packers
  • Bills @ Dolphins
  • Packers @ Vikings
  • Redskins vs. Buccaneers
  • Jets @ Saints
  • Saints vs. Jets
  • Titans @ Jaguars
  • Cowboys @ Broncos
  • Steelers vs. Chargers
  • Chargers @ Steelers

NFL Fantasy Football Information writer Sean E. Douglas:

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Buffalo Bills 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule | Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: September 10, 2009

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The Buffalo Bills 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule

This season the Bills have a new No. 1 receiver in Terrell Owens. The team is also using a new no huddle offense as they hope to throw the football with more regularity.

While I do like both of those additions, I believe their offensive line problems will be far to great for this team to make the playoffs in 2009.

Below are three sections of interest that are worth paying attention to for fantasy owners coming into the season for this team. First we have listed our fantasy players which we believe are worth paying attention to this season.

Next is strength of schedule against the run, pass and points against. Lastly we have a few games selected that will be key in telling how this team will preform for the 2009 season.

Buffalo Bills- 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule- Printable- Downloadable

Fantasy Players

QB.- Trent Edwards
RB.- Marshawn Lynch
RB.- Fred Jackson
WR.-Terrell Owens
WR.-Lee Evans
K.- Rian Lindell
D.- Bills

Strength of Schedule

vs Run 13th Easiest Schedule

vs Pass Sixth Easiest Schedule

vs Points Given Up Ninth Hardest Schedule

One area I would expect the Bills to struggle in is converting drives into touchdowns as they have the 9th hardest schedule to score against. In addition to that they are in a new offensive system and the last thing that comes in a new system is scoring touchdowns.

That said I do think Terrell Owens will still get around nine touchdowns this season, assuming he stays healthy.

Other than that this team should struggle to win games at times because they are in a hard division.

Games of Interest

Weeks One – Three: In the first three games of the year the Bills will be without their number one running back in Lynch, due to suspension. In that time we will see if Jackson can handle the load against the Patriots, Buccaneers, and Saints.

So far in the preseason the Bills offensive line has struggled mightily to open running lanes for Jackson and Lynch. If they can’t find a steady running attack this team could easily start the season 0-3.

2009 Football Projection

Early in the season this team should struggle but if they can stay focused I believe by the second half they should do well. Unfortunately for this team and coaching staff the expectations are that they will compete for he post season.

While those expectations are always nice to have I don’t believe it is realistic with so much turnover on the offensive side of the football.

Fantasy Football Information Writer Sean E. Douglas:

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Cleveland Browns: 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule | Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: September 3, 2009

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Cleveland Browns- 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule- Printable – Downloadable

The Cleveland Browns 2009 Regular Season Schedule

The Browns fell apart last season after such a strong showing in the 2007 campaign.  Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards looked like different players as they just seemed lost at times on the football field.  If this team has any hope of turning things around they must have good play from the quarterback position and the defense needs to improve.

Below are three sections of interest that are worth paying attention to for fantasy owners coming into the season for this team.  First, we have listed our fantasy players which we believe are worth paying attention to this season.

Next is strength of schedule against the run, pass and points against.  Lastly, we have a few games selected that will be key in telling how this team will perform for the 2009 season.

Fantasy Players

QB. Brady Quinn
QB. Derek Anderson
RB. Jamal Lewis
WR. Braylon Edwards
WR. Mike Furrey

Strength of Schedule

vs. run: 9th Hardest Schedule

vs pass: 12th Hardest Schedule

vs points allowed: 16th Hardest Schedule

Much like the Bengals, the Browns will always suffer in strength of schedule due to the fact that they have the Steelers and Ravens in their division.

For my money, if the Browns are going to have a successful season, they will need Brady Quinn as their starting quarterback.  To me, this guy has the up-tempo style of play that this group needs as Anderson tends to play like he’s half asleep at times on the field.

Games of Interest

Weeks 15 and 16: Sure, this is looking far into the season and you never know what teams will actually be good and which ones won’t, but this team should have success in these weeks.

In those contests, they play the Chiefs and Raiders, and since most fantasy leagues play their playoffs in those weeks, it will be interesting to see if Cleveland players can have good games.  One thing is for sure: I would rather they play those teams than the Ravens or Steelers if I have any starting players for the Browns.


2009 Football Projection

This season, at best, will probably end up being a .500 season for the Browns as they are in a rebuilding phase once again.  Much like the Bengals situation, Cleveland needs their defense to show much improvement so that they can have a run a the playoffs in the 2010 season.

Fantasy Football Information Writer Sean E. Douglas:

Green Bay Packers 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule | Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: August 29, 2009

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Green Bay Packers- 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule- Printable- Downloadable

Green Bay Packers 2009 Regular Season Schedule

The Packers might have the best offense in football this season as Aaron Rodgers and the boys look ready to role in the preseason. If this team is going to beat out the Vikings for the division title than it will be their defense that has to make the difference.

Below are three sections of interest that are worth paying attention to for fantasy owners coming into the season for this team. First we have listed our fantasy players which we believe are worth paying attention to this season.

Next is strength of schedule against the run, pass and points against. Lastly we have a few games selected that will be key in telling how this team will preform for the 2009 season.

Fantasy Players

QB. Aaron Rodgers
RB. Ryan Grant
WR. Greg Jennings
WR. Donald Driver
WR. James Jones
TE. Donald Lee
K. Mason Crosby
D. Packers

Strength of Schedule

vs Run Fourth Hardest Schedule

vs Pass Eighth Easiest Schedule

vs Points Given Up Sixth Easiest Schedule

With an easy schedule to pass this season I see Aaron Rodgers and his receivers having another very fine season in 2009. Look for Donald Driver to have a bump in touchdown catches this year as defenses should pay more attention to Greg Jennings as the true No.1 receiver in the offense.

Ryan Grants schedule may suggest that he won’t have the greatest of seasons but I do believe he will have a solid year for fantasy owners. This year was the first full offseason that Ryan had to work with the Packers for the entire time. So far in the preseason he looks primed an focused to be a strong runner and consistent from week to week.

Games of Interest

Week Four and Eight: Those two weeks the Packers play the Minnesota Vikings and if they want to win the division they must win these games. Last season the Packers were one missed field goal away from sweeping their hated rivals.

2009 Football Projection

This season should be a fun one in the NFC Central as the Bears, Vikings, and Packers duke it out and stomp on the Lions all year. In the end I believe this division will come down to the Packers and Vikings as the two teams that will fight it out for the division title until the very end of the season. Get ready for a fun year!

Fantasy Football Information Writer Sean E. Douglas:

Chargers: 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule | Fantasy Football Rankings

Published: August 27, 2009

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San Diego Chargers- 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule- Printable- Downloadable

2009 San Diego Chargers Schedule

Last season we all found out just how important Shawne Merriman was to the Chargers defense and team as they were not the same without him. Just this week San Diego has come out and noted that Shawne probably won’t be at 100% to start the season.

This is to be expected as this stud linebacker had a nasty problem inside that knee and he probably won’t be a full strength until maybe next season.

Never the less Shawne is back with the team and they also have another pass rusher in rookie Larry English to help apply pressure on quarterbacks this season. If these two men stay healthy the Chargers should steam role their way towards the AFC Western Division Title in 2009.

Below are three sections of interest that are worth paying attention to for fantasy owners coming into the season for this team. First we have listed our fantasy players which we believe are worth paying attention to this season.

Next is strength of schedule against the run, pass and points against. Lastly we have a few games selected that will be key in telling how this team will preform for the 2009 season.

Fantasy Players

QB. Philip Rivers
QB. LaDainian Tomlinson
RB. Darren Sproles
WR. Vincent Jackson
WR. Chris Chambers
WR. Legedu Naanee
TE. Antonio Gates
K. Nate Kaeding
D. Chargers

Strength of Schedule

vs Run ninth Easiest Schedule

vs Pass second Hardest Schedule

vs Points Given Up 12th Hardest Schedule

While the Chargers have a tone of talent in the passing game it will be interesting to see if Phillip Rivers can be a consistent fantasy quarterback with a hard schedule this season. San Diego has the second hardest schedule against the pass schedule in the NFL and if they still have success it will be a testament to how good this offense is.

So far in the preseason I’ve not been impressed with the Chargers offensive line and LaDainian Tomlinson. Last week Philip Rivers was sacked four times as the o-line didn’t seem to provide consistent time for Rivers to get the ball away.

This preseason we were supposed to see LT prove that last year was just a bad season and that he is still the same runner he was in the past. So far Tomlinson has carried the football 12 times in the preseason for only 28 yards rushing.

For those of you scoring at home that is a measily 2.33 yards per carry for the one-time premier fantasy football running back.

If LT can’t turn things around next week against the Falcons than fantasy football owners might want to wait and see if this one time stud is available to take as your second round pick.

Games of Interest

Weeks Two – Four: After the Chargers play the Raiders week one they will have three playoff teams with good defenses all in a row. The first two games are at home as they play the Ravens and Dolphins and the final contest is against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

If the Chargers can get off to a fast start this season and play well in the first month than they should be very imposing for the rest of their schedule. But if the Chargers go out and have a slow start like last season than you might regret drafting San Diego players high at your fantasy draft.

Week 17 vs Redskins: Many fantasy football leagues don’t play week 17 and this is a very good break in Rivers schedule as they are slated to play the Redskins that week.

Washington’s defense is very strong against the pass and it would have been a tough game for fantasy owners to get good production out of him. With this fortunate schedule break it makes Rivers a bit more attractive coming into the 2009 fantasy football season.

2009 Football Projection

The Chargers may not win 12 games this season but they should coast to a division championship with a 10 win season. However if San Diego is serious about winning a championship this year they will need home field advantage and to get that they will need at least 13 wins this season.

In the end I believe the Chargers will win the division but they probably play too many competitive teams to take home field this year. Look for the Chargers to have another good year and come up short in the playoffs.

Fantasy Football Information Writer Sean E. Douglas:

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